Friday, September 7, 2007

Adventures here, there and everywhere!

It’s so much better going on adventures with my people, compared with adventuring by myself on the streets where I was found. Last weekend we got to go to a lake and a mountain. It was so much fun. It tends to hurt my neck a little bit when we go for walks and I think it’s because Ryan and Sara don’t even try to keep up with me when I’m running all over the place after all the wonderful smells everywhere. Maybe I shouldn’t pull so hard and instead look at them with my puppydog eyes…surely they won’t be able to resist my big floppy-eared charm!

Today we’re going up to Protection Island, which is where this golden retriever I met lives. His name is Tobi and his people are Sara’s parents. Apparently I have to take a boat to get there. It's okay though, Ryan bought me a life jacket. I sometimes wonder about my parents and where they are and how they’re doing.

bye for now!


Friday, August 24, 2007

in trouble twice in 24 hours

So Sara’s still away. She came back Sunday night but then left again Monday afternoon. Ryan says she’s coming back today, so I’m really excited.

So when I first got to Victoria I was really hesitant about doing anything because I didn’t want to get in trouble. It turns out Ryan and Sara are really nice and think most of the things I do are cute…particularly jumping in the air and licking them in the face. (you have to admit, that is pretty cute)

But yesterday I got in trouble, and then again this morning, so I guess I have to be more careful. Yesterday I met our upstairs neighbour, Kate, and as she was leaving I snuck past her and ran towards the sidewalk and street. Ryan started yelling my name and I thought it was a game at first, but he seemed kinda worried. Maybe it was because of all those big cars moving by. He was nice about it though, and just told me not to do it again.

Then Ryan woke up this morning and found that in the middle of the night I mistook my collar for one of my toys, and might have sort of kinda chewed apart the clip that attaches it around my neck, so I think Ryan needs to get me a new one. I promise I won’t make the same mistake again. (Ryan says the collars are expensive and I can’t be chewing them up all the time) I wonder if the new one will be as tasty…er…I mean…pretty as the last one.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dax the workin' stiff

So for some reason Sara has been away this weekend, but that meant I got to go to work with Ryan today. Why he would go into work on a Sunday is beyond me but it was an adventure for sure…once we got past the evil stairwell, that is.

I don’t know about you, but slippery floors are the scariest thing in the whole wide world when you’re on a leash. Ryan was really good though and he was comforting me even though I was shaking and shaking. Then we got into the carpet area and it was all good. Ryan let me wander around and see all the desks and stuff everywhere. He also set me up a little bed to have a nap on. He said I was very helpful when I was sniffing through all the papers he was working with.

All in all it was a fun experience, and when we left Ryan took me down the elevator instead of the stairs, which was much less scary (though still a bit scary).


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yay for forever families!

Particularly ones with internet access! This blogging thing looks kinda cool.

So here's a bit about me. I think I'm around 2 human-years old, but I'm not sure because I have a bit of amnesia and don't know much from before I was found wandering the streets. I'm part dachshund (or wienerdog for those of you who don't speak german) and part beagle, which, I guess, makes me a dachshle, and that's where I got my name. I'm still getting used to the name because I can't remember what my old name was, although they called me Winger at the SPCA where Ryan and Sara rescued me from.

I was a little hesitant at first when Ryan and Sara met me but they seem like alright people, so now I jump on them and lick them all the time. We live in Victoria, B.C. now in this big house that has another two dogs and three cats living in it. It's so much fun to play with them, although I haven't met one of the dogs or two of the cats yet. Sadie the dog seems to get a little annoyed with me when I run around and jump on her a bit too much so I might take it easy from now on. Steve the cat just seems to run away and hide so I have to keep chasing him. I'm not sure what I'll do if I catch him though.

Anyways, I'll try and post more about my adventures as things go along. I hope you enjoy my blog.